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Smart Energy Solutions


CCE Series

Far more economical than using SCR controllers to carry the entire heater load, but entirely equivalent in operation.

Contrôleur d'étape - Step controllerContrôleur d'étape - Step controllerContrôleur d'étape - Step controller



The CCE-32 is an adjustable step controller that can control up to 32 fixed steps and one modulating step.

From the basics, the CCE-32 board offers 8 fixed steps and one modulating step. It is possible to connect up to three additional boards with the master board to obtain the 32 fixed steps. The system is autonomous and fully programmable directly on the board.


On large kW custom heaters, our electronic step power controller offers the full advantages of both the SCR as well as step controller and can bring maximum energy savings.

In this system, normally recommended for precise temperature control on heaters drawing more than 100 Amps, one SCR heating stage is proportionally controlled with (Cristal Controls) SCR.

The other heating stages are controlled by the electronic step controller. The SCR stage automatically fills the gaps between step controlled stages, thus providing fully proportional control over the entire heater kW range.


  • This scheme is far more economical than using SCR controllers to carry the entire heater load, but is entirely equivalent in operation
  • Step controllers range from 2 to 32 steps


  • NEMA-1 Enclosure
  • Temperature control


    • 8 outputs (dry contact), expandable up to 32
    • 1 modulating output
    • Adjustable number of steps (2-32)
    • RS-485 communication
    • Bypass switch for every output (ON/OFF)
    • Different types of control (Cycle,sequence,LIFO,FIFO & Binary)
    • 8 configurable parameters + adjustable delays
    • 4 inputs control modes (10K sensor, 0-10 Vdc,4-20 mA, 0-135Ohms.)
    • Programmable directly on the board (dip-switch)
    • Low power consumption Max 100mA with all steps ON per 8 Steps board.

Linear Step Controllers
Quantity US Price
CCE-4 4 On/Off Steps + 1 Modulating step

CCE-32-8 1 SCR modulating step + 8 ON/OFF Steps

CCE-32-16 1 SCR modulating step + 16ON/OFF Steps (On metal Plate)

CCE-32-24 1-SCR modulating step+ 24ON/OFF Steps (On metal Plate)

CCE-32-32 1 SCR modulating step + 32 ON/OFF Steps (On metal Plate)

Power supply 24 Vac 100Ma Maximum
Output steps 1A @ 24 Vac, dry contact type Cycle,sequence,LIFO,FIFO & Binary.
Control type
Zero SCR Adjustable
Span Input See complete documentation
Input Signal 10K, 0-135 Ohms, 0-10 V, 4@20 mA
Operation Temperature +10C to +45C (+50F to +113F)
Storage Temperature -30C to +80C (-22F to +176F)
Enclosure Enclosure 35 mm Entrelec Din Rail
Dimensions CCE-8 157 mm x 255 mm x 30 mm 4,0” x 6,5” X 1-3/16″
Weight CCE-8 = 159 Grams / 1 (5,6 oz)


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