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Smart Energy Solutions


Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Power Controllers

CRISTAL CONTROLS has changed the SCR industry by introducing the smallest and the most innovative SCR on the market.


  1. The smallest SCR on the market!
  2. The easiest to install.
  3. Completely sealed design.
  4. Trouble-free and long lasting power control.
  5. Up to 1000 AMPS, 1 or 3 phases
  6. Optional temperature cut-off

A completely sealed SCR

We have repackaged the SCR controller, including its wiring, into a small monolithic epoxy block that is dust-proof, humidity-proof, and much more resistant to vibration.

A safer SCR

Usually, SCRs have all their circuits exposed to dust, humidity, vibration and other environmental conditions, Cristal Controls’ SCR power controllers are designed to withstand the test of time.

When choosing our SCRs, no short-circuits are created by dust built-up on circuits in humid environments. This is an important consideration in industrial power control applications. Moreover, the heat sink is completely isolated from the power source : you can touch it without any risk of shock.

An easier installation

Forget those bulky SCR power controllers that need oversized holes in your control panel, these non-functional heat sinks outside the control boxes. Our extremely clean design is a breeze to install, and requires only a few ventilating louvers.

A full range of SCR, SSR, Triacs and Step Controllers

We offer all the following options: up to 1000 Amps, 1 or 3 phases, Zero Crossing, Phase Angle, SSR, Step Controllers, with or without enclosure. And they are all available with NEMA-4 or ventilated enclosure for remote installation. Special orders are welcome.


Below is our complete line of SCR Power Controllers.


The Zero-Cross Fired Power Controllers are ideal for the control of purely resistive loads that can accommodate fast, full power, ON-OFF cycling.

When coupled with a time proportioning control, they operate in a series of full ON-OFF cycles known as time proportioning burst firing. The time proportional control accepts many control output signals and converts them into a time proportional signal determining the amount of full ON and full OFF cycles. A smooth power output to the load is therefore produced and the temperature, stabilized.


The Phase Angle controls provide smooth proportional output from 0 to 100%.

They are designed to offer low cost high quality SCR phase control. This series offers variable voltage outputs for many applications.

We control load current from 15A to 1000A, at line voltage from 120 Vac to 600 Vac.

A soft start (5 seconds) option ensures a slow rising output voltage to prevent saturation of inductive loads. The 5 seconds soft start is active on powerup and is reset after a power loss. Custom programmation is  also available.


The Solid State Relay (SSR) is recommended for use with proportional temperature controllers and other applications where long life and solid state reliability are required. They provide ON-OFF control for any electrical resistance or HID lighting load.

The solid state relay control is suitable for all processes, that have either long or short-timed cycles. However, the shorter the cycle time, the better is your control.


On large kW custom heaters, an electronic step power controller offers the full advantages of both the SCR as well as step controller and can bring maximum energy savings.

In this system, normally recommended for precise temperature control on heaters drawing more than 100 Amps, one SCR heating stage, usually 25% larger than other heating stages, is proportionally controlled with a SCR.

The other heating stages are controlled by the electronic step controller. The SCR stage automatically fills the gaps between step controlled stages, thus providing fully proportional control over the entire heater kW range.