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Smart Energy Solutions


Product Quality

At Cristal Controls, the quality of our products is our first priority. Developped by a team of skilled engineers, our controllers are, on the market, synonymous of high quality. Before shipping, every component is carefully tested and examined in order to guarantee the desired durability and the highest performance achievable.

Best Customer Service

It is fundamental for our team that our customers have access to the necessary information and to technical support when needed. Our team is at your service in order to guarantee your highest satisfaction.

Collaboration with our Partners

We know that the collaboration with our partners and the establishment of long-term relationships are key elements in our success. This is why we give value the synergy developped between Cristal Controls and each of its partners, in order to deliver the best product to our customers.


Our team of engineers and technicians work every day to develop profitable solutions for our customers. We are ready to react to changes in the industry and to offer to our customers today the products they will need tomorrow.