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Smart Energy Solutions



Intelligent Submetering System


Commercial and appartment buildings often have only one electricity meter. However, more and more owners want to know how much energy is used but also where and by whom. We created the ideal solution to this problem. Our experience in energy management has led us to the developement of an intelligent submetering system called ME-100. Once connected and networked, the submeters, managed by a simple-to-use software, indicate precisely what the owners want to know : who consumes what. The management of your energetic consumption is brought to its simplest form. As it is approved by Measurement Canada, the system allows you to bill users.


Power monitoring system and Automated Meter Reading system (AMR)

We manufacture simple and easy-to-use submetering systems for building owners and energy management companies. Our Automated Meter Reading System (AMR) offers a unique and smart multi meter solution.

The automated Meter Reading System (AMR) is flexible, making it easy to integrate within multi-unit metering with any AMR network or billing system.

Our electronic meter systems communicate via an Ethernet network. The AMR system can also be networked to other communications medium back to the logging or billing software.