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Smart Energy Solutions

DMX dimming cabinet



The light control and lighting is one of the essential techniques of representation for staging areas. Controlling the light intensity delivered by the lamp (or bulb) is done by controlling the electrical power supplied to the filament, letting a% of rated power, the filament heats proportionately and issue an equal% of brightness.

Control of the electrical power delivered to the lamp can be done in different ways, the most traditional and most common is the use of electronic equipment called dimmer.

Cristal Controls offers a full range of dimming panel from 30 to 120 circuits including circuit breakers, a series of touch wall dimmers and incorporates the DMX control system to is Web application ‘’JASPER’’.


  • Theaters
  • Multi functions arenas (Scenes Lighting)
  • Halls,
  • Ambiance Lighting (bars, outdoors, etc…)
  • Cabarets
  • Etc…