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Smart Energy Solutions


You will find below our DALI documentation.

It is know lighting load within a building represent 30 to 40 % of electricity consumption. However, up to 60% of this consumption could be saved through simple and economical technologies that meet the constraints of the lighting management. The use of the natural light combine with the automatic light level adjustment base on natural light + shade control + presence detection + scheduling will meet the savings. A revolutionary technology to achieve such task is DALI. DALI was specifically design to control lighting within a building. On a DALI loop (bus) will contain ballast, light sensors, shade controllers, motion sensors, scene control and will carry scheduling form a master controller. The light switching commands, light levels and other related functions travel on that DALI bus (Loop). DALI stand for (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an open protocol supported by the (IEC 62386) standard. The (IEC 62386) standard is supported by the major electronic ballasts manufacturers this standard use a 2 wires communication bus. DALI is also supported by the DALIAG (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Activity Group) who is responsible for the promotion and all related activities coordination. DALI standard guaranty interoperability form member components manufacturers DALI digital technology allows :

  • Individual control of 64 addressable Ballasts (including the DALI Power supply) which can set in 16 groups or series of DALI accessories.
  • A linear dimming control from 1% to 100%  depending on the ballast and lamp selection.
  • Set 16 scenes.
  • Status of the installation, lamp status.
  • Energy par bus (Loop).
  • Simple wiring, lower installation cost, lightning flexibility.
  • And more…

Cristal Smart Energy Solutions let the designer, architects, owners and building managers an open control design, simple to use and manage offering maximum savings trough out the years.

The DALI technical documentation