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Smart Energy Solutions


Jasper : Building Controls

Jasper, The all in one Lighting Control & Energy Management web application


After more than fifteen years of development in lighting control software, hardware, equipment using modern technology and communication system, our new Web application provide an easy-to-use low voltage lighting control system which has already been installed in various buildings, with proven results.

Our lighting control system with all is features also incortorates an energy management option for lighting systems, heating loads and energy monitoring. It allows the creation of multiple energy management task The configuration of the system lies in the distributed intelligent controllers. To communicate between the MCU (Master control unit) the lighting control network and the energy management components without any network interface. The Jasper Building Control System connects on any IP Network and is Ethernet\Internet accessible with security codes.


The first easy-to-use licence free low voltage lighting control system is now available on the market. This new Web application, with its user friendly interface which  runs using commun Web Navigaor such as Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The user has the opportunity to easily reprogram or modify schedules, to log in for re-lamping, or to rename relays (panel or group).


  • Graphical node installation and project creation
  • Security copy and password creation
  • Virtual Astro clock installation
  • Virtual  Astro scheduler , schedule création and Schedule exceptions template
  • Possibility to name or rename panels or relays
  • Live relay state visualization
  • Live graphical relay state change
  • Data logging,
  • Secure Access,
  • Email  alarm warning
  • DALI integration
  • Zigbee relays Integration
  • EnOcean Integration
  • DMX Integration
  • RGB Controls
  • Power monitoring
  • And more