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Smart Energy Solutions



A DALI Experience

On this particular project addition of the trade show complex, the consultant had to come up with a sophisticated lighting controls system so the user ‘Quebec City ‘ could offer to participant the most comfortable trade show or exposition environment and keep in memory the last event floor plans and light scenes.

Cristal Controls with his Jasper DALI system was able to individually control every unique ballast of the project, memorized trade show floor plans and Light scenes for future use, log lamp usage informations for maintenance purpose, have a mobile station for participant light level adjustment from the main floor plans prior to event opening and keep all event scenes in memory for the next event day. Cristal Controls also had to offer an easy to use events calendar that could be remotely programmable. In January 2012 the first event to benefit of the new facilities was the 2012 Auto Show. A quick video below shows how the DALI is integrated into the building.


  1. 125 000 square feet


  1. System layout
  2. Installer training
  3. Management of installation steps
  4. Loop testing
  5. Commissioning
  6. User training and maintenance staff training


  1. 5 x Switching relay panels (198 relays) under BACnet interface
  2. 7 x CRISTAL DALI Touch Screen for local scenarios in 7 different rooms
  3. 2 x Load shedding contracts form BAS system
  4. 1 x Dimming master panel driving a total of 2110 Philips DALI ballasts (33 DALI loops)
  5. 1 x WiFi accessibility router
  6. 1 x HP PC for floor plans design
  7. 1 x 52 inches HD screen for operators
  8. 1 x iPad for floor service (lamp level adjustment)
  9. JASPER MCU (main graphical controller)