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Smart Energy Solutions



A global building energy management system.


The LS-2010 is Cristal Controls’ most advanced peak and energy control manager. The LS-2010 is programmed with a Web application using Explorer, Safari or any recognized Web access. Once fully programmed the LS-2010 controls the outputs from heating and climate control in order to respect the desired consumption set point, local temperature and schedules


  • Up to thousands outputs (Dry Contact or Pulse)
  • Internet/Ethernet communication
  • Integrated time scheduler
  • Load cycling
  • Internet ready
  • 12 set points (1 per month)
  • Generator management
  • Multiple data logging-Multiple formats reports and graphics
  • Real time access
  • Set point and pulse adjustment according to outdoor temperature
  • Unlimited outputs
  • Wireless ready


  • The LS-2010 has been designed to monitor and control a building’s maximum consumption, regardless of load, wether it is 50 Kw or thousands of megawatts. The LS-2010 will shed the necessary loads in order to respect the desired consumption while keeping comfort as a priority.
  • In order to offer maximum control over shedding, the LS-2010 offers output selections (refer to technical documentation).
  • The LS-2010 also offers a shedding pattern that takes into consideration the outdoor temperature. For example, when it is colder than a pre-selected outdoor temperature, the LS-2010 will increase the allowable consumption level in order to accept new heating load into the energy management strategy.
  • The LS-2010 has an integrated calendar in order to use 12 differents consumption set points (1 per month).
  • The basic LS-2010 has 8 outputs but can also be expanded by increments of 8 or simply be used with our smart CCTHV series thermostats.


Power supply

  • Dedicated 120-1-60 circuit


  • Outdoor sensor (10K @ 25 °C, reference temp curve #1 of Dale, or #12 of Mamac, #2 of Bapi, #2 of Greystone)
  • Working range: -44 °C to 35 °C, 1°C resolution
  • One 0-5 Vdc current transformer for each phase (outputs or Meter pulse input)
  • Power and voltage metering integrated to Jasper


  • 8 or16x1A@24Vac,drycontact

Panel size

  • NEMA-1: 36″x24″x4,62″