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Smart Energy Solutions


Energy Management Systems (Load Shedding)

Maximize lower-rate hours with peak control and get financial incentives from your utility or state rebate program with our energy management system


  1. Manage HVAC automatically.
  2. Greater comfort and peak control.
  3. Achieve energy savings and reduce energy bill by 20-25%.
  4. Combine up to 32 000 components.
  5. CCTHV thermostat combines with Echelon®/ LonWorks® technology to minimize costs

Save money with our system

Cristal Controls redefines comfort, intelligent management, and energy saving with its total building energy management system.

Save significant amounts of money using a state-of-the-art peak control energy management system that includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, process heating, and benefit from financial incentives from your electrical energy providor!

Peak control and HVAC control under the same software

You already know that electrical energy peaks are expensive. By managing the energy consumption of a building to reduce these peaks, you can achieve incredible money and energy savings.

You can maximize your energy savings by controlling with accuracy the operations of your HVAC system. Indeed, with our energy management system, it is possible to program the heating or cooling systems’ start-up a few minutes before the personnel’s entry on duty, or during off-peak periods when rates are considerably lower. Our system allows you to control your power consumption and to implement various strategies such as power cuts, power restriction, power demand control, or daytime/nighttime programming.

Innovation for energy savings and comfort

With our systems installed in your building, you will have the best of all tools to lower your electrical bill at its lowest limit. We are innovators, and we work hard to develop and continually add new intelligent functions to our energy management systems. We can help you save energy and money while maintaining a high level of comfort in the building. Investment in energy management systems is rewarded by many financial incentives programs.

We also manufacture programmable interfaces for nearly any situation. Thus, you will be able to manage and control almost any piece of electrical equipment. Here are just a few examples:

• Indoor/outdoor thermostats
• Clocks and Calendars
• Lighting controllers
• SCR and SSR load controllers for:
– – Duct heaters
– – Humidifiers
– – Industrial furnaces
– – Electric baseboard heaters.
• Interfaces for:
– – Motor starters
– – Dampers
– – Valves
– – Rooftop units
– – Heating equipment
– – Humidification equipment
• Web based interface
• And much more…

This complete line of products will provide new and money-saving solutions to control, manage, and optimize all your energy parameters including lighting.

Our research and development team is fully dedicated to the development of applications for our energy management system and has performed up to now more than 1500 installations. We are also proud to offer an expert advice service as well as an after-installation support service.

Below is our complete line of Energy Management Systems.


Our innovative energy management system, the LS-2000, and its software represent a complete solution for energy management of buildings. The programmable interfaces have been designed to process, apply, communicate, and carry out all the operations necessary for customized and smooth management of your building’s energy.


The LS-100 was developed for heating systems controlling up to 8 or 16 points. Programming the LS-100 is very simple, as it does not require any computer. Indeed, the programming is performed directly on the master interface, using push-buttons.


With its RS-485 communication capabilities, it can be linked to a Lonworks interface card (Product number CCTI-RS485), which enables visualization and control of thermostats on a LON network. Up to 24 thermostats can be connected per interface.