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Smart Energy Solutions

Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal


Complete low voltage lighting system

With lighting bills going higher and higher, the building administration decided that while adding a new section to the building, they could try lowering the average cubic feet lighting cost.

The new section of CHUM (Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal) needed state-of-art lighting solution. The rest of the building needed to lower their lighting bill and give a better lighting to its visitors. With our expertise, we’ve been able to adapt a solution that would fit both the new section and the old section while keeping the costs at a minimum for a quick return on investment.


  1. Wireless lighting control in old building
  2. Wired lighting control in new building
  3. Scheduled light on-off in offices
  4. Bathroom lighting on only when someone enters
  5. Constant lighting for service area


  1. 600 x WR-6161 relays to accommodate all lighting/accessories
  2. 60 x CCLS-4016 to manage the relays output
  3. 100 x daylight sensors to dim the light gradually during the day while keeping a constant lighting
  4. 30 x motion sensors to control bathroom lighting
  5. Wireless switches and relays for newer building
  6. JASPER MCU to control schedules and offices lighting


Energy savings:

Up to 60% in savings when compared to old energy management system.

10 years life cycle savings:

$600 000

Payback period:

2.5 years

This case study is based on data produced upon completion of the installation.